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Mr. Georges Grenier

VK Hospital Nha Trang | Bệnh viện 22-12

83 years, France

For the reason: Spinal degeneration

About three months ago, I came to VK Hospital with the bad health, my back was in a lot of pain, I took heavy steps and was helped to get off taxi by nurses. At that time, I did not think that I could get recovery, but over one month later, I was significantly able to stand straight and walk as others. I really thanked Dr. Dat and his team for treating me.

Everyone always expects that there is a good hospital with high quality services and modern facilities as VK Hospital at Nha Trang city. Although everything is not perfect (at) the first time of operation of the new hospital, however, almost things are on the right way.

For people who still are skeptical about something mentioned, you should come to VK Hospital one time and use their services, you’ll believe that I said above is right.

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Nghe bệnh nhân nói

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Thư cảm ơn!

Kính gởi tập thể các Y, Bác sĩ, Điều dưỡng và nữ hộ lý của Khoa Nhi, Bệnh viện 22-12 .

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