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Your rights:

At VK Hospital, we are fully dedicated to providing you with the best medical care and customer service. We, therefore, have set out in this Charter your rights to ensure that your relationship with FVH is a mutually beneficial one.

Our commitment to you

You will be treated with respect, consideration and courtesy.

You will receive friendly and efficient service from a staff member dedicated to customer service.

You will be given a clear description of your medical condition, and, you will be informed of the proposed plan of treatment.

You will informed as to what charges may be incurred before investigations, hospitalisation or treatment are performed.

You will be provided with medical advice and treatment which fully meet international standards of quality and care.

You will be treated by nursing and medical staff who are trained in the latest and patient care techniques.

You will be informed of the types of medication prescribed to you, their normal actions and potential side-effects.

You will receive investigations and treatment with the most modern medical equipment, which is fully, properly and regularly maintained.

You will receive care in a comfortable facility with uncompromising levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

Your medical records will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Your comments and complaints will be listened to and dealt with in a fair and prompt manner.


Your responsibility:

For your safety and comfort and that of all the other patients, we ask you to respect the following rules during your stay:


On your arrival, please inform the doctor of your regular medications and any current prescriptions. It’s important to remember to bring your medications with you, to show at admission. Please do not take any of your own medications during your stay, unless approved by your doctor and made known to your nurse, as this could be dangerous for your health. Please inform your doctor if you are currently taking any traditional medicine at home.

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Please show consideration for other patients in the following ways: by talking quietly, by listening to your TV at a reasonable volume and by asking your visitors to speak quietly.


VK Hospital is a smoke-free zone. No one is permitted to smoke anywhere inside the building. We do appreciate your co-operation in protecting the health and safety of all patients and staff by abiding by this rule. You can smoke on the terrace on the third floor or in the garden around the hospital.


Please do not bring food from outside the hospital into your room. All meals are provided for you during your stay and are inclusive in the daily hospital charges. If you require a special diet, please inform your nurse, as your doctor prescribes your diet.


Finally, we ask you to please respect all equipment and materials within the hospital – many of the items are expensive and require the utmost care during use.


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VK Hospital | Bệnh viện 22-12

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