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Our sole focus at VK Hospital is patient-centric care: superior quality medical care with all the comforts of 5-star hotel services. We put you first. On a daily basis, our standards and practices are of the highest international level. In accordance with our transparent invoicing process, all charges will be explained to you prior to commencement of any procedures or medication.

The full hotel services include a choice of rooms to satisfy everyone’s needs; excellent cuisine served in the ward rooms (included in the charges), cable television in rooms, an internet café, free ADSL internet facilities in the rooms and spa services.

Wish you a pleasant stay and a full and speedy recovery.


VK Hospital | Bệnh viện 22-12 VK Hospital | Bệnh viện 22-12


VK Hospital | Bệnh viện 22-12

VK Hospital VK Hospital | Bệnh viện 22-12
Address: 34/4 Nguyen Thien Thuat - Nha Trang - Viet Nam
Tel: 058. 352 8866 - Fax: 058. 352 8868 - Email: info@vkhospital.com.vn